A World Communion Lament

Call to Lament                                      

If we celebrate the joy of our world-wide unity in Christ but fail to recognize that many of our brothers and sisters here and around the world weep and groan under weights they bear, then we are not truly living as one Body. Let us then stand beside those who suffer and cry out against the evils and ills of the human condition, including sickness, injustice, poverty, tyranny, and natural disaster. Let us mourn with them, lament the suffering endured by our world-wide family, express our own grief and sorrow at their pain, and confess the sins that cause anguish to so many in a prayer of lament, led alternately by the men and the women before a unison prayer and a time for silent lament.   

Prayer of Lament and Confession 

Men:      We lament the natural disasters produced by our planet: the destruction to life, homes, businesses, property, 
               and dreams; the damage to economies and ecosystems, the loss of friendships and communities as people                   are displaced.

All:         Creator of this world: forgive our world; forgive us.

Women: We lament all illnesses of body and mind: the fears, worries, and troubles they cause, the challenge of finding
               effective care, the damage to health, the limitations that accompany and follow, the financial burden incurred,
               the loss of life that occurs. We particularly lament the terrible blow the covid-19 pandemic has dealt to
               people and nations around the world, the unimaginable number of cases, the unthinkable number of a     
               million deaths world-wide.

All:         Healer of the nations: forgive our world; forgive us.

Men:      We lament misuse of money and abuse of privilege and power by tyrants, oppressors, dictators, the workings
               of governments, or anyone who has been placed or who has placed themself in a position of power and
                misused their authority.

All:         Almighty Judge: forgive our world; forgive us.

Women: We lament violence that takes lives, destroys property and businesses, injures bodies and minds of soldiers
                and civilians, forces people to flee their home or country, or is seen as an “unavoidable price of war.”  

All:         Prince of Peace: forgive our world; forgive us.

Men:      We lament all conscious and unconscious prejudice that divides and results, intentionally or unintentionally,
               in some receiving extra benefits while others find their access to life-giving human rights such as education,
               opportunities, livelihood, health care, dignity, freedom, and voice is more limited.

All:         Lover of all: forgive our world; forgive us.

Women: We lament the intolerance that leads to oppression, discrimination, and violence against people because of
                what they believe or the life choices they make. We lament all who suffer on account of the faith to which                        they adhere, remembering especially our Christian brothers and sisters who do not have our freedom to
                worship and are in danger if they proclaim their faith.

All:         God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: forgive our world; forgive us.

Men:      We lament the poverty that causes some to be homeless and others to live in substandard housing, that saps
               energy and erodes hope, that leads to minimal or no education, that leaves children hungry, and starves
               families, peoples, and nations.

All:         Giver of all good things: forgive our world; forgive us.

Women: We lament apathy, indifference, ignorance, or anything that closes eyes and hides from sight the evils and ills
               found everywhere in the world, including our own community; we lament the sense of powerlessness to effect
               change that leads to inaction.

All:         God Who Sees: forgive our world; forgive us.

               Redeeming God, forgive us when we are guilty of these and other sins, evils, or ills that prevent us, and
               others, from fulfilling your plan and purpose for each life. Help us do better. Encourage, inspire, and help us
               work toward making this earth the good and perfect world you created it to be. We pray for this in the name
               of Jesus, who came to this world in order to save it.


Silent Prayer

Assurance of Pardon                                     

One:     Every night, God wipes the slate clean. Every morning, God gives us a new opportunity to do our best and the
             Spirit gets to work in us. Every moment, Jesus walks with us, lifts us up when we stumble, and forgives our
             failures and sins. My friends, all God’s children are greatly, personally loved, including us.

All:       Thanks be to God!