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This is a page for imagining, dreaming, throwing out ideas, making suggestions, brainstorming. We can't wait to see what you'll send us to add!

Prebyterian Intercultural Network

Really great sermons have been preached that lift up issues of inclusion and justice. Sometimes those can serve as springboards for discussions or for sermons of our own. This document has outlines of a few of those. Please send us others to add to it! (Be sure to include the name of the speaker, place and occasion, scriptures used, and other information that could be helpful.)

There are countless texts upon which a good, interculturally-oriented sermon could be based. Here are just a few. With your help, the list will grow, and grow, and grow.

  • Isaiah 58:6-12… the fast God chooses

  • Isaiah 66:18… gather all nations

  • Acts 2… Pentecost

  • Galatians 3:28… no longer Jew nor Greek

  • Rev. 5:9-10… Christ purchased for God persons from every tribe, language, people, and nation