Special Sundays

Presbyterian Intercultural Network

In 2016, we developed a worship service and educational materials for a post-Pentecost, Trinity Sunday celebration of diversity. Although the material was designed for that particular Sunday, most of it could be used to lift up cross-cultural and intercultural diversity on any Sunday.

Accompanying educational materials can be found here, under the "Learn" tab.

Hudson River Presbytery developed this wonderful service on immigration, titled "Crossing the Borders... a journey toward Justice." Described as a "Service of Worship with reflections and resources on Immigration," it dates back to 2009, but is as relevant today as it was then.


This "Joyful Feast" service has two parts. The first celebrates the gracious abundance of God's banquet feast with a table at which the people can help themselves to bread, grapes, and other finger food. The second part reminds us
of the Table Manners that should be used at the Lord's Table. We should be certain that everyone can come to this feast, but we need to repent and confess the church's failure to remember others who God also invites to the table, but who are not present.