Presbyterin Intercultual Nework


Whether you're wondering why we keep talking about the "Beloved Community"
or you know someone who is questioning what intercultural community is about,
or you've been in conversations where people are asking "Why is PIN saying
these subjects are important to individuals, to our churches, and to our world?",

we can help.

We have blogs and  book lists you can explore to find something that catches your interest, plus articles we recommend. There are resources for and from the church that bring the subject into the real lives of pastors and congregations. There are study guides and workbooks which are useable by individuals in some cases but will be far more productive and enlightening in a group, especially if the group includes representatives of groups that may have been marginalized. When we learn of conferences and events on related topics, we will post them.

We hope that long before you've made your way through even a small percentage of what you can find here, you will be as passionate about this subject as we are and be equally convinced that it is intercultural community, with all its implications, is central to God's vision for the church and the world.

Prebyterian Intercultural Network