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Igniting a Movement!

 P.I.N. works to:

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  • Build intercultural relationships and communities
  • Challenge unbalanced power distribution
  • Address issues of "whiteness" and institutional racism
  • Promote power sharing
  • Confront racial and cultural injustice
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Coming soon...

Online workshops!

Explore the richness of intercultural congregational
life. Learn how it can help us move
toward lasting racial justice. 

September 19 & 26

Click here to learn more

Registration opens August 5


Presbyterian Intercultural Network

Explore resources
that can add an intercultural flavor
to your worship service.


Presbyterin Intercultual Nework

Learn or deepen
your understanding
of what it means to be "intercultural,"
what helps and
what gets in the way.


Presbyterin Intercultual Nework

Use tested materials
to encourage
exploration of the joys and challenges
of living as an
intercultural community. 

Try This!

Presbyterin Intercultual Nework

Lots of ideas to try!
Add to the wealth
by sharing your
ideas that worked
and resources
you've developed.



We need your help!
More people
= more effective
= more transformation!

New to the website

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Featured this month

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Presbyterian Intercultural Network

We really want you to contribute to the collection of worship resources we've assembled and placed under "Worship." With your help, this will be a part of the website that will continually grow.

In the meantime...  
The Presbyterian Intercultural Network went through the Glory to God hymnal and compiled an ethnically/culturally sorted index for you. We also have a list of hymns and songs that can be found in other sources, and a  collection of liturgical resources that covers all parts of the order of worship.

Click here to use and enjoy!




Use the "Learn" section of the Presbyterian Intercultural Network website to take advantage of the many resources we've gathered to provide you with abundant opportunities to learn more about what we mean by "intercultural," explore related issues, discover external resources, and keep up with current postings on the subject.

Click here to investigate as deeply as you'd like!

Presbyterian Intercultural Network

In this section you'll find lesson plans, learning activities, workshop models, and more that the Presbyterian Intercultural Network hopes you will use, adapt, modify, and change to fit your particular context and needs.

Material will be added as it is developed and used at conferences and churches, or supplied by YOU!

Click here so you can start preparing your lessons.


Presbyterian Intercultural Network

Try this!

We share in the "Try this!" section some of the things we've tried in our churches, and some things that we've only imagined. But what we hope is that you will share what you've dreamed and done and send it on to us so it can be shared here.

It will make this part of the Presbyterian Intercultural Networkwebsite SO much better!

Click here to see what we have as of today.

Presbyterian Intercultural Network


Presbyterian Intercultural Network
Presbyterian Intercultural Network

We can't "Ignite a Movement" by ourselves.

The Spirit lights in the heart
of a person here, and a person there,
the dream of an intercultural, inclusive, church,
one "Beloved Community."   
As it grows in them, they pass the spark along to others,
the light spreads, the movement catches fire, 
and it blazes into life.

Catch the vision.

Join the effort.

Light the fire.

Ignite a movement!

Presbyterian Intercultural Network
Presbyterian Intercultural Network
Presbyterian Intercultural Network
Presbyterian Intercultural Network
Presbyterian Intercultural Network
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