Presbyterian Intercultural Network


What better place to celebrate our unity in diversity
than at the Table at which all are welcome?
Here are some services that may help you do that.

I'll never forget the Multicultural Conference that included a multilingual communion service: three people representing three ethnic groups and speaking three languages presided over the table. It can be just as powerful with only two, or even with one person able to speak in two languages. Congregations are usually familiar enough with the liturgy that they can follow it without knowing both languages, as long as the second language is used for well-known phrases. The principle can be used for any two languages. This offers three variations on an English/Spanish communion liturgy.

Note: It doesn't have to be perfect. I don't speak Spanish, but I was coached and I practiced

          and I did the best I could. The effort was appreciated by the Hispanic couple in our congregation.
         They didn't even laugh at my mistakes!

This service offered a truly "Joyful Feast," with tables piled high with an abundance of food (at least compared to the normal communion table). Worshippers came up, were served, and went back to the pews to eat, talk, and laugh. But the service wasn't just about the gracious abundance of God's banquet feast. After all had been richly fed, a second brief meditation led the congregation into repentance and confession of the church's failure to remember others who God also invites to the table, but who are not present. The document shows the entire service, including both meditations. 

There is an ecumenical worship service at every General Assembly. This is the communion liturgy from that service at the 2010 G.A.