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These three bibliographies review or list some of the books we've found helpful, many of which we have used or referenced at Presbyterian Intercultural Network events.

Book lists
Presbyterian Intercultural Network
Presbyterin Intercultual Nework
  • This illustrated list with descriptions and reviews is where we add new books as they come out.

  • No descriptions on this list of good, solid, reliable books that continue to  be excellent resource material.

  • This last list is the oldest, but also the most complete. It's divided into multiple categories in which each book is given a brief description.

More books

"Nibs" Stroupe is a white son of the segregated South, nurtured in its twin traditions of anti-black white racism and Christian faith. But through the courageous witness and challenge of many people, especially of black Americans engaged in the Civil Rights movement, he experienced conversion to a new theological vision and a lifelong ministry of gospel proclamation and anti-racist struggle. His website provides information on the many books he's written out of that experience.


The "Nibs Notes" blog written by Nibs Stroupe is updated weekly and frequently deals with intercultural issues, including racism and white privilege.