Eight Steps to End Racism


Eight Steps to End Racism (see Recommendation 12 of Resolution)


  1. RECOGNITION As it happened in John 20:11-18, like Mary Magdalene, we hear our names called and recognize that we are captive to the power of race.  We cease denying that race has power in our individual and communal lives.

  2. REPENTANCEWe acknowledge to ourselves and to others that race has power in our lives and contributes to our white privilege.

  3. RESISTANCE – We commit ourselves to combating the power of racism in ourselves, in others, in churches, and in institutional life. Because of its long reach in American history, at times we will feel like those who are battling principalities and powers in Ephesians 6:10-20.

  4. RESILIENCE – We are called to affirm the traditional ways of combating racism while seeking new ways to engage a powerful force that continues to be present in American life and that continues to evolve.

  5. REPARATIONS We commit  ourselves to doing our part to repair the breaches that have been made through racism, including psychological, spiritual, and economic damage.

  6. RECONCILIATION We recognize that we have long benefitted from racism and that in order for reconciliation to take place, we will need to work the first five steps listed above.

  7. RECOVERY We receive, and commit ourselves to live by a new vision of a humanity created by God to live in love, equity and justice rather than in the hierarchy and domination of the system of race.

  8. RESONANCE we understand and resonate with our own cultural background.


(Source: Steps 1-7 are from Seven Steps for Those Classified as White to Use in Engaging Our Racism by Nibs Stroupe, https://www.revnibsstroupe.com/)