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2020 Intercultural Transformation


September 19 & 26

Two Saturdays: 1-3 p.m. EST /10 a.m.-12 p.m. WST

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Brought to you by a partnership between the Presbyterian Intercultural Network,
Sacramento Presbytery, Stockton Presbytery, Charlotte Presbytery, and the Presbyterian Mission Agency 
Coming soon: Plenary sessions and breakouts

We will be posting videos and chats from the awesome plenary sessions and wonderful breakout conversations as quickly as they are available to share with you.

We will be posting videos and chats from the awesome plenary sessions and wonderful breakout conversations as quickly as they are available to share with you.

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Bias Thinks First

Amantha Barbee

​Senior Pastor, Oakhurst Presbyterian Church, Decatur, GA

We will take a look at how our cultural bias if gone unchecked, can be a major roadblock to racial, political, gender, and cultural healing. We will examine our biases that cross racial, socio-economic, educational, and gender lines. We will discover opportunities to see how our own biases impact our thinking, actions, and responses. At the end of the workshop we will have valuable tools which will allow us to see hearts first before our preconceived and often judgmental biases.

Bias Thinks FirstAmantha Barbee
00:00 / 41:05

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Inclusivity Is a Gospel Issue

Samuel Son

Manager of Diversity & Reconciliation at
Presbyterian Mission Agency

At the end of the workshop we will learn that inclusivity is the essential work of the gospel. We will look at Paul's letter to Galatia where he warns that the "false" gospel is a gospel that led to separation of fellowship. For intercultural transformation, you need a commitment to the work rooted in the belief that the very essence of the gospel is at stake.

Inclusivity is Gospel IssueSamuel Son
00:00 / 35:32

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Being Pastoral, Intercultural and Fun

Noe Juarez

Pastor for Mission & Family Ministries,
Adjunct Professor at Lancaster Seminary

Intercultural ministries and studies on racial issues seem very serious. There is a place for that. But, this workshop explores fun ways to celebrate intercultural ministries. We will explore the fun side of intercultural ministries rooted in biblical texts, art, music and experiences of presenter who is a Peruvian-American pastor & theologian, and how the joy of the work sustains us for the tensions and the challenges of the work.

Being Pastoral...Noe Juarez
00:00 / 19:08

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5 things We’ve Learned About Intercultural Ministry & Church Transformation

Kate Murphy & Eulando Henton

Pastor, The Grove Charlotte &

Pastor, Derita Church

Intercultural works requires deep fundamaental transformation—
5 practical and uncomfortable truths we’ve discovered about the process of creating healthy and holy intercultural churches.

Five things Murphy/Henton
00:00 / 45:48

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Pastoring During Protest and Pandemic

Adriene Thorne, Amantha Barbee, Kate Murphy

Three intercultural leaders converse about their experience of protesting, theological reflections on protests, and how they are pastoring their congregations during the pandemic and protest.

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Pastoring During Protest smallThorne/Barbee
00:00 / 1:01:57
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Gauging Your Congregation's Readiness for Intercultural Transformation

Aart van Beek & Rino Tiwa

Pastoral Mentor, Sacramento County;
Inquirer and pastoral worker, Sacramento Presbytery

You will learn to analyze and reflect on your congregation’s culture from a cultural anthropological point of view(function, structure, symbol and meaning);2.Your congregation's personal culture ( the relationship of identity, identification, sense of belonging and worldview); 3. The reality of the culture of communication in your congregation (anxiety, differentiation, triangulation, boundaries) .

00:00 / 25:52

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Navigating Church, Faith, and Race

Nibs Stroupe & Adriene Thorne

Retired pastor of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church &
Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn

A conversation between a white male  pastor, who helped a white congregation become multi-racial in Georgia, and a black woman pastor currently leading an intercultural congregation in New York: reflecting on their faith journey and how they navigated and are navigating leading intercultural congregations.

00:00 / 1:16:24
Stranger at an Intercultural Church

Rola Al Ashkar

Pastoral Resident at Parkview Presbyterian Church

As a Lebanese pastor in America, I will speak about my experience joining an already existing intercultural church and the different components one needs to be mindful of when joining siblings from various cultures.

Strangerw. Tali Hairston
00:00 / 14:51

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How Presbyteries & Congregations Partner to Advance Intercultural Leadership.

W. Tali Hairston MAGL (PhD Candidate)

Director of Community Organizing, Advocacy, and Development Seattle Presbytery

Using examples from current work in Seattle, this workshop will focus on creating space for intercultural leadership development. Although these efforts do occur as marginal to the "real" work of the presbytery, approaches that integrate intercultural leadership development into the core work of the presbytery are more sustainable, transformational, and relevant. Additionally, taking the long view helps create persistence and resilience in advancing intercultural leadership.

Partners-Presbyteries & Congregations.mpTali Hairston
00:00 / 15:18